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DevOps India Summit 2022

Fri, August 26, 2022 (7:00 am - 9:00 pm)Asia/Kolkata


DevOps India Summit 2022

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Digital Transformation in the Cloud ”

Explore the Intelligent and Efficient DevSecOps, SRE and Observability with use of Value Stream Management and technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain and DataOps.

DevOps India Summit (DOIS) comes back for the 5th year as DevOps India Summit 2022 (#DOIS22). DOIS is the only Global DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE event from India.  Xellentro has proudly been organizing this event for last 4 years to provide a platform to the practitioners of DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE to share their knowledge, interact with the peers across the globe and contribute to building a community which promotes the right ways of implementing DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE. The conference brings together the practitioners of DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE – Leaders, Managers, Engineers, Programmers and Architects. The theme for DOIS22 is “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Digital Transformation in the Cloud(Explore the Intelligent and Efficient DevSecOps, SRE and Observability with use of Value Stream Management and technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain and DataOps)”. This year the conference features Digital Transformation and use of Cloud, AIOps/MLOps, DataOps, Blockchain, Value Stream Management and Observability in DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE as part of the Digital Transformation where delegates get to learn from real cases, how better decision-making and better tools deliver customer value faster, safer, stabler and happier.

Why Attend?

  • Improve your knowledge by listening to the real case stories.
  • Upskill yourself and your team to get the best out of your transformation learning from the Global Experts.
  • Hear the speakers on the future and trends.
  • Network within the Industry.

Why AIOps ?

The current IT System is a System of Systems with much more complications and many moving parts to manage at fast pace to deliver business value. No matter how well you are at your job, there are still failures. There is also huge amount of data generated by the systems like Incident data, Production related data in terms of logs, traces, monitoring.

AIOps empowers the SREs with the insights needed to drive faster improvement. AIOps augments the knowledge with the Artificial Intelligence gained from these data which is humanly impossible to process. This helps in triaging alerting rules thus helping SREs proactively monitor the Google’s Golden Signals and bring better Observability, thus providing better Customer Experience and better value creation. 

Why MLOps?

MLOps helps in implementing models in the CI/CD pipeline, managing the workflows in such a manner that the engineers can create workflows which helps to self-heal with the learning from the data and models and thus help in better and faster decision making. 

Why DataOps ?

As per Gartner, “DataOps is a collaborative data management practice focused on improving the communication, integration and automation of data flows between data managers and data consumers across an organization. The goal of DataOps is to deliver value faster by creating predictable delivery and change management of data, data models and related artifacts. DataOps uses technology to automate the design, deployment and management of data delivery with appropriate levels of governance, and it uses metadata to improve the usability and value of data in a dynamic environment.”

Focus on data has been quite inadequate traditionally. Now with use of AI/ML, Data Science coming up strongly, we need to focus on data as clean data is the basis for AI/ML and Data Science. Hence, DOIS22 is trying bring in experts to share their knowledge on this critical area.

Why Value Stream Management ?

As Gartner predicts, “By 2023, 70% of organizations will use value stream management to improve flow in the DevOps pipeline, leading to faster delivery of customer value”, we felt that we should bring experts and practitioners as speakers to share their experience on actually how they are doing with implementation of VSM in DOIS22. 

Why Blockchain ?

Blockchain is new area for everyone to focus. To bring more secure ways of working Blockchain is coming up strongly. Even various governments across the globe are adopting Blockchain. BFSI and NBFCs are in the race to bring more secure systems using Blockchain. Even in DevSecOps and SRE Blockchain use will play a predominant role. DOIS22 is trying to get experts to share knowledge in this area to help others adopt Blockchain.

Many practitioners are on this journey; some have gone ahead of others. This year #DOIS22 tries to create a platform for Cloud, AIOps and MLOps , Cloud, Blockchain and VSM practitioners to share their experience, their challenges, and wins. These experience sharing will benefit many others in the journey.

Event Calendar

Friday, August 26, 2022

7:00 am - 9:00 pm  Asia/Kolkata


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